Twitch Integration into Website!

//Twitch Integration into Website!

Twitch Integration into Website!

Not much else to say. Pretty pleased! Got twitch + chat integrated into the website. It will show on the main page when I’m streaming and it won’t show when I’m not. It’s nice and clean. I don’t think it will be too intrusive. I’m also planning to sub for twitch turbo for a few months so that there won’t be additional ads on here. I know that most folks here would prefer to see as few ads as possible :).

That said, if you ARE using an ad blocker on my website I’ll point out that there is only one ad. It is up at the top and very unobtrusive. If you would be so kind as to whitelist it I’ll do my best to keep it curated and not animated, flashy, or obnoxious.


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