Unboxings and Witcherings

//Unboxings and Witcherings

Unboxings and Witcherings

Once you’ve gotten that “Experience” out of the way I suppose we can talk a bit about the Witcher 3 before I go to bed.

Thus far it is pretty darn amazing. The controls feel tight and responsive, the combat is glorious, the visuals are stunning, the voice acting is superb, the writing is splendorous, and I found the time I spent with it simultaneously melting away AND moving extremely slowly.

My only concern is that the only reason I stopped was that it locked up. I’m hoping that’ll be a one off or they’ll patch the problem if it isn’t.

Either way this is clearly going to be an addiction for me for a bit. I love when I find skull mobs and take them on. Killed a Wraith during the part where it tells you to flee the wraith.

I didn’t pick the hard difficulty to flee from danger! I picked it to die gloriously in battle!

I mean win…

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