Unity Bug Hunting and The End of 2015!

//Unity Bug Hunting and The End of 2015!

Unity Bug Hunting and The End of 2015!

I spent a fair portion of tonight hunting down a pretty nefarious little bug in my Unity project. The good news is that figuring out this bug will likely help me a lot in bug fixing at work. It looks like there are a fair number of things, when left running, that will crash the latest Unity 5.3.x release. I was getting about 100% crash rates earlier with each time that I ended my project preview. That’s a problem since you kinda need to preview your project routinely while you are working.

I, at first, incorrectly thought it was subscribing and unsubscribing from events. But once I removed all of them from my project I noticed the issue was still happening. Well that ain’t great! However then I got curious…what else is running when my project ends? DOTween of course! My critters are tweening about to give them a sense of life. You’d think that DOTween would automatically and cleanly kill all tweens on close. And maybe it did because the latest Unity, but currently it does not. Once I told all of my objects to kill all tweens on Destroy the crashing ended completely. I haven’t seen one since. I’ll still be hitting stop with bated breath for a while but at least I’ve gotten somewhere.

2015 has been an interesting year for me. Not exactly in the best of ways but it has certainly had its highs and lows. On the high end of things I’ve picked up a new skill. My C# knowledge has been growing quickly and I’m finding it to be more enjoyable as time moves on. I can only hope that 2016 will be as informative for me as 2015 and further I’m hoping that I can keep on track and be more productive in this coming year. I think it’s important that I expand myself to creating outside of work. I need to make sure that I’ve got a nice foundation that I can reference for people and potentially even make some money from.

Luckily Liz helped today with that. Tomorrow I’ll have plenty of new art to implement which will go a long way to making this game interesting. So I’m pretty pleased with that. It’ll be simple but have a lot of variety which I hope attracts people. If it doesn’t? Ah well, that’s the joy of building. Looking on to the next big idea or even just building off the previous. But I’ll have fun with it and it’ll be something I want either way.

The downside to this year has been one of my back teeth cracking. We tried putting a cap on it (which cost something like 500 dollars…sweet jesus) and ultimately it has done nothing for me. Paying 500 dollars to go nowhere is probably one of the most painful things I’ve ever done. It sort of put into perspective just how awful our dental insurance is at my current job. I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed at my last job for around the same amount of money.

Next year I’ll need to get this fixed, maybe a root canal I’m uncertain. But something needs to be done. I can’t drink anything colder than the temperature in my mouth. If I DO use this tooth to chew things it’ll end up hurting for days. It’s just all around been a real drag on me emotionally and physically. I may switch dentists if this current one can’t figure out something for less than a couple car payments. I find it a little ridiculous that a person recommended by my insurance wouldn’t be really covered by my insurance. It could have been much worse too. The original cost the insurance decided they wouldn’t pay was in the thousands upon thousands of dollars. It would have destroyed half my year financially. This is the kind of surprise I can never have again which means that I’ve got to send everything off to our insurance and then hear back from them on the 100% final cost before I can get work done. This is just great for me, I love sitting around in pain.

So yeah, Anthem Dental is just awful. Or at least my experiences with it thus far have been the worst. I don’t recall what our least Dental was (at OnNet) and if it WAS Anthem I don’t know what the hell happened.

For 2016 my plans are as follows. I want to release 1 new book, release 1 game, start painting miniatures, get my tooth fixed, and start regularly exercising. Not necessarily in this order. But I might make a page on the website devoted to these things. Figuring out which is done and which is not. Finally I want to be Bob Ross all year (which is partly why I’ll be painting miniatures). I’m going to try and take life as lightly as I can because I don’t really have the body left to take it heavily.

2015 wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst either. Glad that both my cats are constantly competing to see who can get my lap first when I sit down. Oh and finally…this is my 356th day in a row this year of posting. I actually did it >.>…

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