Unity Projects: Fast Building a Plinko game.

//Unity Projects: Fast Building a Plinko game.

Unity Projects: Fast Building a Plinko game.

So I got bored earlier and decided to bang out a quick and easy game on Unity. It’s your simple run of the mill Plinko game. The objective is simple, score as many points as you can in the least number of moves possible. The highest score you can get is 1 billion. I’m not expecting anyone to go that far, but it would be amusing to see how many tries it takes to reach there. In theory you could do it in as few as 13 rounds. That’s assuming you only hit 1 peg and got 5x. You could do it much faster if you bounce around and get 5x.

Edit: I’m going to lower it to 100 million because there is a buffer overflow or something at one billion. Causes you to loop back around into negative numbers. URL will be the same, I’ve also added a nice little trail that is the same color as the ball.

So yeah, go for it. You can find the game here: http://theios.net/content/uploads/prototypes/DropMe/index.html

Maybe take a screenshot and drop it in the comments below. Or don’t. I might come back and actually make a real game out of this with strategy and whatnot. Each time you hit a peg it would change the color in an incremental fashion. All subsequent hits end up worth more points. In that way you could prioritize your hits and try to minimize the turns necessary. Also possibly add an end screen splash screen, high score, and maybe…MAYBE…a server side high score. That last thing is unlikely because folks will just hack it, I’m not using anything clever for storing the score data.

It’s also unlikely but I might spend an hour a weekend making new games or improving on the ones I’ve made. This took about that long. A large part of that was just downloading Unity 5 and Visual Studio :p.

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