Upcoming plans for Moosecat Sanctuary

//Upcoming plans for Moosecat Sanctuary

Upcoming plans for Moosecat Sanctuary

This isn’t really a Dev Blog per say, this is more just me rambling a bit about my upcoming plans. Now that we have a rudimentary map constructor in the game I’ve quickly realized that I could actually create a map maker out of it. I don’t know if I’d hand this off to the public but I’ll be able to add in tools so that I can build the maps we’ll be having players use. That’s kind of thrilling! What I’ll do is generate a flat grass map. Then I can paint the new tiles I’d like, once I’m finished I can save the color data to code and have it populate properly when people eventually use it.

This has be very excited for the future. I should be able to quickly and easily add new maps for people to purchase (with in game money). Additionally it’ll cut out all the heavy lifting of math when it comes to getting things looking “just right”. I’ve also got some very cool plans for how to work plopping. It already “works” but I had an epiphany about how to make it “really work”. That’ll be coming this week. I might write a short guide on how I do it for future game makers.

That’s my upcoming dev week in a nutshell. First create my demo dev tools for map making, then super duper plop code.

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