Vampires and Photography

//Vampires and Photography

Vampires and Photography

  As you probably noticed, or not, who knows, yesterday I didn’t update the website. I had a good run, a month of no maintenance but yesterday was the return of the great heavy. Maintenances are work days where I’m there from 10AM till 1-3AM the following day, they are long days, to put it lightly.

  So I missed an update but I figured I would, so here I am updating today since I’m not still at work. Amazing how this works. Yesterday during the work day I got awfully curious about something that isn’t necessarily all that important to the random person.

  Namely: Can you take a picture of Vampires?

  It was a simple random thought, Vampires supposedly cannot be seen in the mirror. This means that they don’t create a reflection, now immediately this starts raising a bunch of questions for me. Namely how does this curse work? In many cases magical stories just kind of leave it up to you to just assume “That’s how it works.” So I did what apparently someone else has done and I checked Yahoo Answers.

  The response was fairly informative, it mentioned that it depended on the kind of camera you’d use to take the image. Obviously an SLR couldn’t be used because part of their image taking is a mirror reflecting the image. This means anyone who happens across a vampire won’t be taking any hipster shots with their telephoto lens.

  However digital cameras should work, these cameras just take the electrons that pass through the lens and capture them on the chip. This is, as far as I understand, the same as how your eye works. Well…not the same but close enough for me to say it for now I suppose. Quick nobody wiki and prove me wrong, lets keep this fallacy going!

  At any rate, we start to build a foundation for what is and what isn’t a restriction for vampires. Obviously their image can pass through translucent surfaces because we can see them through a window or our own eye. This means the lens of the Camera is perfectly safe. However their cannot be reflected off a surface, which is why mirrors don’t work.

  Why? Well I have a personal theory on that, its based a bit around an old story about Vampires. The idea is that a vampire is not a person who is tainted and becomes an undead hunter. A vampire is more like a thrall, a corpse reanimated with evil that just acts as a doppelganger of the original living being. The person who was bitten was dead long ago and what is left is just the image of them. Similar to how the corpse of your family member is no longer really them, just the physical image of them.

  With that in mind I think the idea is that vampires don’t see a reflection because the vampire is empty. The person that once saw themselves is gone forever and so the illusion breaks down under scrutiny. It’s symbolic of the person being lost.

Sengir Vampire  I’m not sure this is intentional and eventually I’m going to use it for my own stories, at some point between now and then I’m sure someone will bite this but I wouldn’t be writing it if I cared. I actually just took a minute to wiki it and it appears that an author there believes it has to do with the vampire lacking a soul. Drat, the inevitable singularity of all human thought strikes again!

  So that is it for today. Whenever I’m writing I wonder to myself what rules must be met to make fantasy fit. It’s part of the inspiration for my writing, I found myself in a place wondering what the world would be like if I was the painter.

  Thanks for your time. More to come tomorrow.

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