VS Woes & Moosecat Farms

//VS Woes & Moosecat Farms

VS Woes & Moosecat Farms

I suppose today will be a bit of a pseudo development blog and a tiny exclamation about how poorly Visual Studio handles installing and uninstalling. We’ll start with the latter. I’m sticking with my oath this year of trying my hardest to relax. A few days ago the issues I had with VS today would have sent me over the wall. But with some relaxing music and a bit of breathing I was able to contain myself.

It would appear that the source of my issue has been some conflict between either my video driver or visual studio and unity. I hover towards the latter because I noticed that my game doesn’t crash until I’ve got VS open. With this in mind I decided to investigate deeper and try uninstalling (and reinstalling) VS. Perhaps I had a borked install? I first tried to repair feature and that caused my computer to have 2 installations of VS instead of one. That’s less than ideal. Further this made my auto completion code in unity stop working. Ever tried to code without auto completion? People did it for ages, but much like the effects of the cellphones on businesses I just can’t do it the old way anymore.

The uninstallation process appears to literally be broken on VS 2015. Hours passed and the progress didn’t move at all. I closed, restarted, and retried. This time I saw a small bit of movement. The progress bar then literally went backwards until it was empty again and stayed at that empty position permanently. That’s just fascinating to me. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything like that before. It looks like wherever it “acquires” the data necessary to do an uninstall (shouldn’t this be on my PC?) it cannot reach. I checked a few dozen support pages on the topic and not a single suggestion worked. Even “forcing” the uninstall just caused me to get stuck back in the loop.

At this point after a lot of finagling with force quitting programs I’ve gotten it to at least “error” its way through an uninstall. It’s still a slow process but one that is at least moving in the forward direction. I’m hoping by the end of the night I’ll have stable connection between my Unity and VS. We’ll see.

As for development. Today was a productive day! I’ve built the random Moosecat creator that folks will use when they open up Moosecat eggs (or whatever we end up putting these things in). It chooses between a variety of different color options and combinations leading to hundreds of potential outcomes (though to be fair a lot of them are pretty similar). Over time we’ll expand on this and grow the number of varieties to even more preposterous heights I think. I’m quite excited about it and happy that my first draft works. I’m using an enumeration system in order to make all the sprite choices made look nice and readable on the unity editor panel. This makes for quicker debugging and also makes the project helper friendly.


Here is just a (literally) random sample of 9 Moosecats. You see a few with their antlers growing (at two different lengths). Eye colors vary, fur colors, fur types. Something you can’t see here that exists is variance in “size” as well. Some Moosecats will only grow to be small little things and others will be lunkers. The next mechanism I want to implement is going to be feeding them and making them happy. I think that’s crucial before the mating system is implemented. An unhappy, or hungry, Moosecat just isn’t going to make little Moosekits.

I’ll continue looking for the crash source (if not VS it might unfortunately be an issue with W10 and AMD cards) but at least the game proper is stable. Hopefully over the course of this week I’ll have plenty more updates about game progress. Also the name is just a work in progress, no idea what it’ll ultimately be called. That’s likely on Liz. I’m just here to randomly generate kitties with antlers.

Hopefully I find the source soon. Restarting unity every-single-time I stop previewing is becoming increasingly tiring. Tempted to try switching back to unity 4 at this point lol.

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