Which Witch Watches Witchers

//Which Witch Watches Witchers

Which Witch Watches Witchers

Obviously today is another one of those days where I’ll be writing quickly and then running off to slay monsters. As you are fully aware the Witcher is out now. It’s as good as I was expecting and then some. CD Projekt Red have a knack for hitting it out of the park. It is better played on a controller than a keyboard in my opinion. I don’t fault PC games that go that route. I’d rather a game be good on one control scheme than terrible on two.

My mind has sort of been all over the place lately. I’m sure that isn’t a surprise to anyone. I’m sure it isn’t even unique. I bet everyone is huddled inside their own little world trying to quiet it down. The reason I say this is that the alternative seems far less likely. It seems more reasonable that a personal trait would be common rather than unique. For it to be unique your biology needs to be compiled in such a way that only you, or a very small percentage of people, have that compilation. You could argue that there are many ways for things to be, that every variant of human possible would outnumber the stars in the visible universe. I’m sure this wouldn’t be difficult for me to accept on the face of it.

But if that were true. Then nobody would be similar. Like a shuffled deck of cards you’d never see the same output twice. Is everyone really unique? Or is that uniqueness rather arbitrary or something akin to pedantic. “Oh he eats Hamburgers with the left 30% of his mouth. I eat them with the left 29% of mine.” Kind of things.

Obviously I don’t have an answer but I’d wager that people are more similar than different. While there are many configurations of our genetic makeup I would imagine that most do not actually lead to a person. Like a word puzzle, they exist only in the abstract, where the real world is much more limiting. Personalities are probably closer to Planck Lengths, only divisible to a point before there is likely nowhere else to go.

How big is the deck of cards that we shuffle to make each person? Again not talking about that very specific person. Only about the noticeable differences. I wonder just how large it is. How many common traits basically spread across the planet with only some smaller less influential traits differentiating each person.

I could go round and round about this, so I won’t. All I know is that I need to go do some Witching.

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