Wikipedia Roulette – What do we get?

//Wikipedia Roulette – What do we get?

Wikipedia Roulette – What do we get?

Hmmm hmmm. What to talk about today. How about we hit random on Wikipedia and see what we get.


If you aren’t aware of what scanners is, you’ve probably at least seen the image of the guy whose head explodes while sitting at a desk. I’ve never actually watched Scanners but I’ve read the spoilers for it many years ago. From what I recall its about a group of telekinetics that can kill other people with their mind. I’ve always found that kind of power to be really interesting. A bit like ghosts and other peculiar theories of life. They are so often attributed as things that “could be real” but nobody ever seems to have even a slightly reasonable mechanism for them.

Thoughts feel tangible, they feel real, but ultimately they don’t really have a “weight” to them. That is to say that no matter how hard you think the intensity of your thoughts doesn’t actually increase. You don’t radiate electrical waves in any appreciably different way between lightly thinking and heavy thinking. Sure, seizures will mess you up, but even something that extreme will not be picked up outside of your skull unless someone is using very, very, sensitive tools.

When we think we see ghosts the question then becomes how? If we are seeing them then they are tangible, if they are tangible then they follow the laws of physics. If they follow the laws of physics all sorts of problems arise. A ghost would have absolutely terrible vision if they could see at all. The translucent nature of their body would mean that much of the light hitting them would pass right through. They’d have a foggy vision at best. This would be ideal for the person that is haunting them.

The matter that makes up their body must be large enough for us to see and if that is the case it isn’t small enough to pass through walls without force (and damaging the wall). So it either passes freely through the walls or we see it. It won’t be doing both things.

Take that train of thought a little further to other really weird thoughts people have. The idea that any small sect of people have the “right” religion. If there is only one god, why would that god tell a specific sect of people? Why not just tell everyone? Not even everyone now, lets not be that greedy. But on the day any particular faith was conceived why didn’t god send out a telegram to all well spirited people of the time. Given that the universe was created by this being sending a message to a group of people, who no matter how far away, who are nearly beside one another would be trivial.

Less than trivial. An act so simple that it seems like it would be difficult not to do it. Like looking at something and choosing not to see it. The act of seeing something is so automatic and trivial that we can’t help but do it.

Kinda gotten off track of scanners. All things considered the series does seem like it could be a lot of fun. While I doubt the films are as I’m envisioning them, I think it would be nice to see a psychic take on the highlander franchise. Super powered beings battling one another to be the last one with the greatest gift. Simple premise that is still fun to follow. There is something haunting about a force you can’t control or see. This is why I think radiation is extra scary to a lot of folks. The idea that you could be getting killed at this very second and you won’t know it until it is literally too late.

Or something like carbon monoxide. Builds up in your room and you only know it is there when you pass out. That time before you faint being filled with hallucinations and poor judgment. Your brain literally betraying you as it loses precious oxygen to fuel its systems.

Those kind of enemies are far scarier to me than any blade or gun. But I suppose if you put a weapon in the hands of someone who is as thoughtful as an odorless gas that is fairly scary too. Destroying history one wasted breath at a time.

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