Wisdom Teeth or Lack Thereof (A tale for worried Patients)

//Wisdom Teeth or Lack Thereof (A tale for worried Patients)

Wisdom Teeth or Lack Thereof (A tale for worried Patients)

Well I got all four of my Wisdom teeth removed on Friday. For anyone out there that might be wondering just what the experience is like I’ll give you the play by play for the first two days at least.

The actual surgery itself comes with three options. One is they just numb your mouth like they would if they were filling in a cavity. My dentist (or should I say oral surgeon?) told me that almost nobody chooses number one. The second option is they put you into an 80% sleep state via IV, he said that was what he had done. The final option is 90-95% sleep with gas I presume. Since I had noticed “Death” on the list of side effects for #3 I figured I would go with number 2.

I laid back and the nurse asked me if I had brought any music. I told her sadly I did not have any headphones. Luckily they had some and she hooked me up to, of all things, Classical Music. I say of all things because that’s exactly what I would have brought. I’ve recently fallen in love with the Classical Music Channel on Pandora. But I digress. After this you get some airtubes in your nose (not entirely comfortable but you forget they are there pretty fast), they put the pressure band thing around your left arm, and you get 2 of those neat sticky heart monitor things on your chest. I could hear my heart beat and it was interesting that on TV you hear “Beep…Beep…Beep” whereas mine went “Beep-Beep…Beep-Beep…”, doctors have told me my hearts weird before so maybe that’s the case.

The actual surgeon came in and he asked me a series of questions. Each, he hoped, to be followed by a yes. Mainly because if any of them were a no I could potentially die during the procedure, and dying from a wisdom tooth removal would have been extremely lame. At any rate I told him yes to all of them and he said “That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.” and he put in the needle with the…well I’m not sure what it was.

He then started asking me questions as I lie there, classical music flowing in through my left eat (they didn’t have them on all the way. I presume because I couldn’t hear them otherwise). I answered somewhere around 3-4 questions I think. He told me that it would put me into 80% sleep, but I literally was gone. According to my wife the procedure took between an hour and an hour and a half. I’ll tell you this now, if you choose option 2, it will feel like it literally ended the second it began. There was no dreamworld, there was no momentary fear. I didn’t even wake up in the same room.

It was eyes closed and eyes open with all 4 teeth gone.

He had told me before the procedure that this was all he did and that there was nothing to worry about. I was skeptical as hell and frankly terrified before they injected me with that stuff. The feeling that concoction puts in your brain is hard to describe. You literally feel fully aware but you are inside yourself. I know we are all inside ourselves but I mean, you answer a question but you never say it, you tell your eyes to move but they just kind of rest there. And then instantly you are awake and the whole thing is over.

My tongue felt like it was the size of a full grown salmon, and my mouth was full of Gauze. At this point I was still in a stupor. The nurse was nice enough to carry me (over the shoulder) to the car. Earlier she had asked me how much I weighed. I told her “135” and she said something like “Ah good.” I’m not sure if that’s because she had the right dosage of that drug or if she was thinking “I could carry this kid over my shoulder like nothing.”

Either way the drive home is mostly a blur too. I recall looking at my hands and face, totally in disbelief that it was all over. An entire piece of my life vanished and, in essence, I was a new person. The spot he put the needle in doesn’t hurt at all. This is the first time I’ve gotten an injection of any kind and didn’t have a sore spot after. I can barely see where he did it even.

They told me there could be some major swelling, that I should take my pain medication right away when I got home. I also have antibiotics and some nausea medicine. All that cost me 30 bucks extra, which frankly is a steal I think. I don’t think this pain killer is vicodin, but whatever it is it’ll make you feel like a million dollars.

If you have the procedure coming up in your future I would suggest you not worry a bit. If you live in the San Jose/Sunnyvale area get it done by a Dr. Jeworski. I might even link directly to his contact information some time. He sounds a bit cocky when he’s telling you how good he is at it but you’ll realize after that this guy is a freaking genie. He just makes things happen without any hesitation. He jokes with you that you’ll never want to come back again (IE. just get all 4 done at once) but had I only done 1 or 2, I could easily see myself returning to him in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, when the painkillers wear off your jaw starts to feel like someone hit it with a hammer. But just gobble up another one of those pills or leave some ice on it for 30 minutes and it’ll be swell as heaven.

I’ve thrown up twice since the procedure, both on the first day. I apparently bled quite a bit during the surgery if my first expulsions color had anything to say about it. I’m not entirely surprised, I’m kind of a bleedy fellow. However after burning through the gauze they gave me I’ve been dry as a whistle since (blood wise). Ironically both times I vomitted shortly after ingesting the anti-nasuea medication. The timing was hilarious but I find myself hesitant to take it again (sad part is I know I’m being 100% superstitious).

If you don’t like vomiting I have another bit of good news. When that painkiller or the stuff they put in you is in your system you won’t even care. Both times I vomited and it was kind of like spilling a glass of water. I just looked at it there and thought “Well darn.” There was no stress that normally comes with nausea and sure as heck no real pain (which frankly surprised me, I figured that hitting the surgery sites would cause me to curl up in a ball of tears).

My wife has been kind and has been making me every soft food imaginable. I’m not sure why but I’m hungry as a horse these last two days. I think I’ve eaten half a dairy farm worth of yogurt, a bunch of apple sauce, and some of the most delicious mash potatoes to land on the face of the earth.

I am however somewhat grumpy, I don’t take to any sort of pain well. So whenever my pain killers start to wear off I get snippy (as you can tell by my last post, but seriously fuck those people complaining about that add). At any rate. I hope this spreads around to anyone getting oral surgery done. I admit it’s only day 2, and they told me day 3 is the bad one but I’m doing quite well.

Also for the love of everything wonderful do not drive or operate anything that can hurt someone. You will think you have your cognitive faculties back but that stuff makes you effectively paralyzed. Even today I found myself falling back onto the toilet after I stood up. I know I’m taking it harder because I don’t drink, but even if you are a heavy drinker I don’t suggest touching a car or anything awesome like a chainsaw for a couple days at least.

I’m even worried to walk up and down the stairs :P.

Though in the grand scheme of things, not having to feel the pain of that impacted tooth again is worth all this and more. I have one small cut on my lip from the surgery (which was listed in the possible side effects) and I’m not fond of looking at the surgery areas at the moment 😉 but it’s been kind of nice. My fear of surgery in general has become one that is greatly minimized. If every doctor I have from now till forever is even half as competent as that man I think I’ll never have a single thing to worry about again.

Anywho since I’m not entirely lazy here is a link: http://www.siliconvalleyoms.com/. I’d almost say it’s worth it to take a trip just to get it done by him. I can’t vouch for his partner but he is absolutely stellar.

I look forward to the follow up so I can thank him.

So Wisdom Tooth victims rejoice, there is at least one person on this planet that can remove them as if they never existed at all!

I’ll write a follow up in a few days since tomorrow is supposed to be “D-Day” for pain. Also after my follow-up on the following Monday (not this one) I’ll discuss my experiences further. But short of being a bit loopy, tired, and wanting to eat everything I’m doing quite well. Just need to curb those pain angers :).

PS. I’m guessing that drug does what being drunk does. It was nice but I can’t see doing that recreational :P.

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