Working on a new game project.

//Working on a new game project.

Working on a new game project.

I don’t know how else to title this one. I’m currently working on a new game project. I’ve gotten good enough, I think, to be able to make something that functions properly. I’m currently building the character creator (its all text based, but what can ya do). You can select a god to worship, your name, sex, and race. For now many of these things won’t have perks of any kind. Your sex is an input field, so be a man, a woman, something in between, or even an amorphous sex sphere if you wish.

This game will task you with building up a small team of folks to set out on (again text) adventures. It will be taking cues from A Dark Room and Cookie Clicker. It’s actually looking like I’ll have the first build of it up by tomorrow. Now that character creation is basically done. The game should save properly on web once I upload it, the only caveat is that if you clear your cookies you’ll lose your data (likely).

I’ll see about adding a text save feature as well.

ANYWHO, fairly excited about it. I think folks will like it.

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