(WoW) Caught Deth’tilac today!

Ever read something and wondered why you read it? Like, who gives a shit what random guy #3,983,102,476 did today? Apparently you do, if you are still reading. Today Liz and I finished up Mt. Hyjal (as much as it matters). At the end of our journey the exceptionally rare Deth’tilac was waiting for me! If it touches you, you die, that’s the jist. It makes the entire catching experience quite tense and exciting.

Part of what makes these pets so difficult to get is that they have long respawn times and every other hunter in existence is trying to get them. You’ll catch a bit of that in this video. At any rate, today was our walking day, so I haven’t had much time to do much else. Enjoy the short video, it has the added benefit of showing you where to go to get the spider. Just uh…don’t let him touch you.