Wymi–Further Fishy Figuring

//Wymi–Further Fishy Figuring

Wymi–Further Fishy Figuring


  Wymi, otherwise known as, “What you Make it.” Is a easy to remember two syllable word that represents the second and possibly final piece to “The Fish and the Faith”. It’s something I was told ages ago during the short stint of time I spent in Church. The answer came when I asked why no two people had the same response to what heaven was.

  The man told me “Heaven is What you Make it.” Well that was interesting I thought. Because I am a bit of a completionist, another fake word that I’m sure nobody needs explained. I need to see things to fruition, whenever a problem is unsolved, a story unfinished, or a debate unresolved, I am left brooding over it.

  What if? What would be the ultimate end to this problem? I need to know this, I need to have all the data. It’s part of the beauty of our relative size. You could live the same span of time a hundred thousand times and never experience the same life twice unless you actively tried. Millions of different locations, billions of people, seemingly endless variations, every generation is riddled with infinite possibilities.

  So with this in mind, I had told the man, nowhere nearly as eloquently as I’m about to tell you, “I would want this.” If Heaven is Wymi, then I would choose to make it where I am now. We have Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the outlying Kuiper belt objects. This is centuries of exploration in a single solar system. Then we have 200 billion solar systems in our galaxy alone. That’s 200 billion times hundreds of centuries (lets cut the difference and say 500 centuries or 50,000 years per solar system). 200 billion times 50,000 is 2,000,000,000,000,000 years of content to explore in our galaxy alone (forgive discrepancies in math I’m doing this on the fly with only a few sips of coffee in me thus far).

  There are 7 trillion dwarf galaxies, I’ll count these as a quarter of ours just to not exaggerate too much (it’s arbitrary I might be counting them for less than what they are). Then there are 350 billion large galaxies, I’ll count these as 1:1 even though again it is arbitrary. That means there are 2.1 trillion galaxies or 2,100,000,000 galaxies out there, at 2,000,000,000,000,000 years a piece that’s 4,200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years worth of content. A tale of the most epic proportions, a game of the most unbelievable size, a journey of utterly unfathomable variety.

  This is curiosity porn at its most ridiculous, this is a mass of content that dwarfs every single action by ever single living thing that has ever breathed on the surface of the Earth. Yet we are so quickly to discount it all and say “It can’t be just this can it? This can’t be all there is?”

  We stand, miniscule and nondescript on the surface of a nearly invisible pebble, that pebble spins around an orb of flam that is itself nearly invisible as it floats around a galaxy that is nearly invisible amidst a sea of a trillion other galaxies, all of which likely is but a spec in the vast darkness that spans for infinitum in all directions.

  It’s so astoundingly beautiful that thinking about it makes me warm from head to toe. This is what I want, heaven could not interest me in the slightest until this entire journey is complete. Until ever rock is overturned, to be taken away early is a maddening thought, and the possibility that an afterlife could result in knowing it all instantly is incredibly unsettling.

  So why? Why would I even need to die in the first place, if Wymi is correct then I’m already here. Death is a superfluous and redundant feature. I find it almost impossible to believe anything with the mental capacity to create so much content (even procedurally) is so near sighted that they’d have such poor variety in ultimate outcomes.

  100 Years? Really? When there are 4,200 trillion trillion years of content for me to explore? What monster would do such a thing?

  That, I believe, is the conclusion to the two major reasons I am not a man of faith. I cannot be so greedy that I would look at so much and ask myself “Is this it?” I instead ponder just what can come along that would grant me the power to see it all, one gorgeous discovery at a time.

  Again apologies for any bad math above, the gist is still the same. If you enjoyed the few minutes you spent here on this please vote for this article on reddit (link provided above) I would be infinitely appreciative, views help me both figuratively and literally.

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