Xbox Live killed Xbox for me.

//Xbox Live killed Xbox for me.

Xbox Live killed Xbox for me.

I don’t mean that literally, I’ve never had the service destroy any of my microsoft consoles. But the fee to play online games on an Xbox has actually been paramount in my move to other systems. Sony made a very smart move with their PS3 by not having the service require payment (and instead offering additional benefits for paying). Admittedly now they also are mandatory but I’ve built up such a large library from the free games that it would be foolish of me to not use their service.

The Nintendo Wii U has free online. So purchasing that while I own a PS3 or a PS4 makes a lot of sense for me. I can purchase the console and not need to worry about feeling guilty if I’m not playing it during the month. So now I’ve got two of the three major systems for this generation. But what of the Xbox One? I can’t justify paying a monthly fee on two consoles each month because I only have the time to play on one. The games that come out on the Xbox One are invariably coming out on the PS4 (minus Halo which I really don’t care about). This means that I’d be paying an additional monthly fee and getting literally nothing out of it.

For all past generations I have tried my darndest to own every single console available. But we’ve moved into a new generation where it is just not in my best interest to do so. Each day that I found myself not playing my Xbox One I’d feel like I’m wasting my money. Because of that the only correct option is to just not purchase it.

And that, folks, is how Live Gold killed the Xbox family for me. Perhaps you feel similarly as an Xbox user towards the sony family. Either way, both companies have created very tall walls around themselves. Once you are in the village there is little chance of getting out.

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