Xenoblade Chronicles X ~ How does the Story Hold Up?

//Xenoblade Chronicles X ~ How does the Story Hold Up?

Xenoblade Chronicles X ~ How does the Story Hold Up?

So I’m on the last mission of the game and I just wanted to chat a tiny tiny bit about how I feel about the story. This game has plenty of flaws as I’ve mentioned before. The story lately is where I draw a fair bit of criticism for it. For about half of the story the reveals and twists are all pretty good. They have a fair number of clever ideas and fun ways to move the story forward. At least one of them makes the entire drama normally associated with a game like this (and indeed in a game like this) feel really weird. It serves no purpose and does little but waste the viewers time.

In particular I’m a bit concerned with how many characters seem to act specifically to extend the length of the main story. They act in ways no sane sentient being would act. It’s almost like they were written with the express purpose of keeping the story going rather than feeling like living, breathing beings. I find that unfortunate because the world itself is fairly vibrant and the characters you meet in side content are also pretty colorful and unique.

I’m going to write about it in full spoiler glory shortly. I plan to finish the story tonight and might write up the final thoughts tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. But for now I’m somewhat disappointed. The game is still pretty darn good (great overall I’d say) but it manages to stick the most flaws possible into a game that I still like. It’s a surreal experience.

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